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"Although I showed no interest in the short-sale of my property, Denise was prepared to help me save my home through modification. This came after I paid thousands of dollars to other companies who did “nothing” for me except a false sense of comfort, then later stop responding to my calls. Denise was professional, reliable, knowledgeable and genuine in helping me resolve my mortgage crisis. I want to personally thank this company for their assistance in helping me resolving such important issues I had for years. Thanks again". -Sheila

"Fantastic customer service from Syntegral Realty.  It makes such a difference that they take the time to build rapport - they have won my trust with their honest approach." -Peter

"MY SUCCESSFUL SHORT SALE! After a bad divorce I fell into foreclosure, with one income, I was unable to manage my loan. Syntegral Realty cleared my debt. I received $3,000 to help me relocate. Thank you Denise for your continuous professionalism." -Milicent Wright

"A personal THANK YOU for saving my Home! I was approved for a Loan Modification, I am so grateful. Please read my hand written letter attached. Thank You for taking me out of foreclosure when I needed it most."-Alice White

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